5 Mood-Boosting Colours for Your Home

You can shift the mood of a room by simply changing your wall colours. It’s no secret that colours have a significant effect on our mood and energy.  Are you planning to breathe life into your dull space by painting your walls? Not sure which wall colour combination to use to revamp your home in 2022? 

Read along to find out 5 unique colours that you can introduce to your space this year that will instantly boost your spirits and make you feel peppy.

Flamingo Pink

Whether you are looking for chic and fun wall colour designs for your bedroom walls or a light and airy colour for your powder room, dining room or living room, flamingo pink colour is perfect for all situations. This colour is subtle, refreshing and most importantly unique as not many people use it in their space. Grey, white and green are a few colours that pair perfectly with flamingo pink, so you can introduce them through your furniture, linens, rugs and artwork for your space. Flamingo pink is a great colour choice for people who have vintage, modern, tropical and mid-century modern themed houses. 

Bright Red 

Red screams warmth, passion and love. It is an intense colour that demands to be noticed. People who are ready to stray away from the conventional neutrals and are looking for a hue that will have people swooning must consider introducing bright red walls in their homes. A pro interior home design tip is to use red on your accent walls and paint the rest of the walls white if you don’t want to stray too far away from your comfort zone. 

Lime Green 

It’s no secret that lime green is the colour of the year when it comes to the fashion world. So, it is not a surprise that it is picking steam in the world of interiors as well. It is a colour that screams bold, fun and optimism. It’s a perfect hue for your living room, dining room, kitchen and your kid’s room. People who are sceptical of painting all the walls of a room in their house lime green can consider going the two-wall colour combination route. You can use lime green on a feature wall along with a neutral colour like white, ivory or light cream. 

Aqua Blue 

Does the ocean or the sky spark joy in you and make you feel alive? If yes, then you must consider introducing aqua blue into your home interior. Aqua blue colour will instantly make your space radiate a calm and grounding vibe. Hence, it is a perfect hue for your living room, bedroom and your kid’s room. A pro wall colour design tip is to use aqua blue throughout your room and to balance it out with white furniture and neutral linens and other décor elements. 

Canary Yellow

Are you a sun lover? Do fresh daffodils and sunflowers instantly spark joy in you? If yes, then you must consider introducing canary yellow into your space. Canary yellow is a perfect colour for people who want to add a light, fun and energetic vibe into their space. People who are sceptical about using this hue all over their house can pick an accent wall and paint it canary yellow. Canary yellow is an ideal colour choice for people who have tropical, vintage and eclectic maximalism-themed houses. 

So, which of these hues is your personal favourite? Looking for a place to seek brilliant wall colour combination ideas to try in 2022? Check out the Asian Paints website to seek interior home design inspiration or to grab high-quality paints, wallpapers, wall stickers and everything that you could need to adorn your home. 

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