5 Ways to Go About Drafty Windows

Drafty windows are a common problem. Good thing is, there are many ways to go about it. Window replacement is one of the ways to deal with drafty windows. However, window replacement is not always the only solution to this problem. There are many other ways to go about this problem. Here are 5 ways to go about it.

1. Use caulk to seal cracks

Caulking is the easiest and quickest method for fixing drafty windows. Caulk is a soft material that seals cracks and gaps around the edges of your window, preventing cold air from entering your home. It is available in liquid form in a tube or as a foam. It can be used on any type of window frame, whether it’s wood, vinyl, or metal. Be sure to choose an exterior caulk so that it will not degrade when exposed to the elements.

Sealing cracks around windows is one of the most cost-effective solutions to dealing with drafty windows. This is because cracks around window allow cold air seep into your home and warm air escape from your home. Sealing cracks around window helps prevent this from happening. You can seal cracks around window yourself or hire a professional. Use a good quality caulk, such as siliconized acrylic latex caulk to seal cracks around windows. Caulk can be used to seal any kind of crack regardless of its size. If you have many cracks around your window, use a spray foam instead of caulking. Spray foam is a better choice for such situation because it expands and fills in large holes up to 3 inches wide.

2. Install weather stripping

Weather stripping is a great way to deal with drafty windows without replacing the entire window. You can install weather stripping by removing the old strips and installing new ones around the edges of your window frame. If you choose to do this yourself or hire professionals, make sure you choose a product that has a good reputation for sealing out air leaks properly and securely. After you install weather stripping, you will notice an immediate decrease in your energy bills as you will no longer be wasting energy through your drafty windows.

3. Fill in gaps with spray foam

You can fill in gaps of your drafty windows with spray foam. This option is the most expensive but it is more permanent. You can use spray foam to fill in gaps and openings for many things. Spray foam is the best option for filling in gaps on a long-term basis. However, it is not always the cheapest option out there. For some people, they would rather opt for window replacement than this option.

4. Add a plastic window film kit

This is the easiest and quickest way to go about drafty windows. You can add a plastic window film kit to your window. This will help prevent heat loss from your home during winter. The window film kits are a good option if you want a quick fix for your drafty windows. However, these kits don’t last for too long; they need replacement every year.

5. Use bubble wrap

This method works very similarly to the kit above, but instead of using special plastic sheeting, you can use bubble wrap! It works just as well, is cheaper since you probably already have some bubble wrap at home, and looks less tacky than the plastic sheeting.


These are only a few ways to help keep your house warm. If your windows are still not as warm as you would like them to be, I recommend investing in some draft stoppers or some space heaters. If none of these works, you should think about widow replacement. Stay warm!

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