Essential Roofing Maintenance for Commercial Premises

Much like a domestic residence, a commercial building does require regular roof maintenance, and this should ensure that no major repairs are necessary. Regular roof inspections are advised with commercial premises, as you cannot see everything from a ground level inspection, and by calling in a commercial roofing contractor, you can have every inch of the roof inspected.

Commercial Roofing Inspections

You are advised to have the roof of your business premises checked every 6 months, and with the best industrial roofing contractors in Perth only a Google search away, you can easily book the inspection at your convenience. A typical industrial roofing inspection would involve the following:

  • Close inspection of all roofing panels, looking for missing fixings and damaged sections.
  • Cleaning out the guttering, which ensures that excess rainwater has an escape route.
  • Leak inspection that ensures any leaks are identified and repaired.

Commercial roofing is subjected to the harsh Australian climate, and if even a few of the sheet fixings come loose, this could have serious consequences, which is why you should have the roof inspected on a regular basis.

Storm Damage

High winds and heavy rain can cause damage to an industrial roof, especially one that covers a large area, such as a warehouse or factory, and should your roof become damaged due to a storm, there are commercial roofing companies that will carry out emergency repairs. Hail can also result in serious roof damage, depending on the materials used to construct the roof, and if the roof is compromised by heavy hail stones, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. Gale force winds can lift metal sections off a roof, and all it takes for this to happen is a few missing fasteners, and should this occur, you need to call out an emergency industrial roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Detailed Report

In the event you have your roof inspected, the contractor will issue you with a comprehensive report on the status of your roof. If the contractor is of the opinion that some aspects are not as they should be, they would recommend rapid repairs, which can help you to avoid a serious repair bill.


It is a common issue that a commercial roof develops small leaks, and your local commercial roofing contractor can waterproof the roof using industrial silicone. If the guttering becomes blocked, this could cause a water build up on certain sections of the roof, and if not addressed, this could result in leaks.

Solar Damage

Direct sunlight over a long period of time can cause seals to perish, and with regular roof inspections, all seals can be closely inspected, and in the event there are any issues, the repairs can be carried out without delay.

If your factory or warehouse roof has not been inspected for a few years, it makes sense to call in a local commercial roofing specialist, who can give the roof a thorough inspection and issue you a detailed report.



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