Kitchen Design Trends in 2023

Kitchen design trends are constantly changing. If you want to keep your design updated, you should timely redecorate your kitchen interiors. Designing modern modular kitchens is an easy task. There are plenty of kitchen ideas you can come up with to decorate the space. While some are quite expensive and elaborate, others are simple and subtle. You can choose any option depending on your preferences. In case you are not sure about how to decorate your kitchen design, here are a few modular kitchen design ideas you can consider:

01 of 06 Open kitchen layouts with an island

Most urban homes have small kitchens. You can make the kitchen appear spacious by opting for a few simple techniques. One of the most popular options among them is the open kitchen layout. In an open kitchen layout, there are no walls to create a partition between your kitchen and dining space. Both are accommodated in one large room. Also, these feature fixed kitchen islands instead of traditional dining tables. Kitchen islands offer plenty of benefits. Not only can you use the island for storage and prep work, but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen interiors. This is because they are available in many different colours, materials, and designs. You can get a movable kitchen island as well.

02 of 06 Increase storage space with a kitchen larder

You require lots of ingredients in the kitchen. It is crucial that you store them together in one place so that they are easy to find and you do not get distracted while cooking trying to search for them. A single cabinet or drawer might not be sufficient to store all these items. Therefore, you must install a kitchen larder. A kitchen larder is basically a pantry unit where you can store all your ingredients on open shelves for easy access. You can install drawers as well depending on your preferences.

These storage ideas are great for small kitchens. They make use of space efficiently and offer maximum storage space. Therefore, you get to store all your kitchen essentials inside your kitchen.

03 of 06 Kitchen arches

Even after making a lot of changes, your modular kitchen design might appear boring. An easy way to add more visual interest to kitchen ideas is by adding kitchen arches. Kitchen arch designs are simple yet very effective additions that can change the appearance of your kitchen interiors completely. Add them to your doors and windows for adding more drama to the space. You get various types of kitchen arch designs as well. Therefore, you can choose any kitchen arch design depending on your kitchen interiors.

04 of 06 Choose surfaces that are easy-to-maintain

The kitchen is one of the places in the home that gets dirty very easily. This is because of the smoke, grime, and spills. Therefore, you will have to ensure that you clean your kitchen interiors timely. Otherwise, the space will get unhygienic and not stay fit to cook. In case the surfaces in your kitchen are difficult to clean, you will have to put a lot of time and effort into cleaning them every day. This is why you should always choose surfaces that are easy to clean. There are lots of materials you can find that are appropriate for the kitchen interiors. Choose any option depending on your budget. Stone, glass, and laminate are the most popular options you can find in modular kitchens. Modern antimicrobial/antibacterial ceramics are available as well.

05 of 06 Invest in modern appliances

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace. New appliances are being invented. These appliances are specially designed to make cooking a more convenient task. You can find plenty of such appliances, each designed for a specific task. Always invest in these appliances for your kitchen interiors. They will make your kitchen more functional. However, do not start buying all the appliances available. They can be a little costly. Instead, you should only invest in the appliances that you actually require. An oven, microwave, mixer, electric kettle, air fryer, and dishwasher are some of the most essential appliances you need in a kitchen.

06 of 06 Wicker baskets for fruits and vegetables

How you store your fruits and vegetables in the kitchen is very crucial. Many people store them in closed places. This is wrong as they should be kept in a well-ventilated space. This is why wicker baskets are so important in the kitchen. You can use them to store all your fruits and vegetables. They will help to keep them organised in one place and make it easier to find them. Also, wicker baskets are not costly. They are a cheap storage solution you can consider for your kitchen idea.

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