Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom

Whether you are designing your new bedroom or renovating your old one, lighting should always be a priority. Good lighting will ensure that the bedroom ideas are functional and aesthetically appealing. Also,  you will feel more relaxed and calm after a long day when your bedroom will stay properly lit. This is because modern bedroom designs are not illuminated using just one tube light. There are various types of lights for the bedroom that you can use to create the perfect glow and illumination. If you are not sure how to light up your bedroom, here are a few lighting ideas that will help you:

01 of 04 Layering different lights is essential

Gone are the days when only one light was used in the bedroom to light it up. Although a tube light can illuminate the space, it cannot set the right mood in your bedroom. You can never create a great lighting setup by installing only one light in your bedroom. To create the right mood, you will have to layer different types of lights together. By creating the right balance between task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting, you can make an aesthetically appealing bedroom design. You can experiment with different ideas to check which one is more effective for your bedroom. However, make sure that one layer does not end up overwhelming the rest. If you do not have good knowledge about lighting, you can hire an expert or research online. You can easily find many guides that will help you layer lights in your bedroom interior design to create a great mood for any activity.

02 of 04 Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is very essential for creating a beautiful home decor design. This type of light has a soft glow and does not feel too harsh on your eyes. As a result, the room stays functional and also feels comforting. Ambient light can be both natural and artificial. Allow sufficient sunlight to enter indoors during the day to make your room appear more inviting. Install large glass windows and light curtains so that there are no obstructions. Position a mirror in front of a window if you feel sufficient sunlight cannot enter. Besides natural light, there are many lighting fixtures you can install in your bedroom idea to set the right mood. Chandeliers, pendants. and flush-mounted ceiling lights are the most popular lighting fixtures used in modern bedroom interior designs. These lights for the bedroom are great for effectively performing your daily chores like cleaning, making your bed, and storing. However, you might experience difficulty in performing activities like reading, drawing, and typing.

Be careful when hanging a chandelier from your ceiling. Compared to installing other lighting fixtures, installing these lights for the bedroom is a bit more complicated. You have to be careful about its size and length. If the chandelier appears too large or small for the room, the entire space might look weird.

03 of 04 Task lighting

As the name signifies, task lights are used when you have to perform any task. These tasks can be typing, reading, or writing and require proper illumination. If you perform these activities under dim lighting, your eyes might strain. You can easily get different types of task lights. Depending on your choices, you can choose any option. Task lights have a smaller and more concentrated light. They are popularly used in offices and workplaces. Hence, they are very essential for your bedroom. However, installing only task lights will ruin the appeal of your bedroom. This is why you should always install task lights with ambient lights. Both light types complement each other perfectly and help to create the perfect setup in the bedroom. If you have the habit of reading or writing before going off to sleep, a table lamp by the bed is perfect for you. Low-hanging pendants, wall sconces, and wall-mounted task lights are other popularly used options in the bedroom.

04 of 04 Accent lighting

Although many people do not consider accent lighting important, you should never ignore its importance if you want your bedroom to appear appealing and relaxing. You will notice lights installed in bedrooms to highlight artwork on walls. This is done to draw more attention to the artwork and add more visual interest to your home space. You can also make it the focal point of the room by using lights correctly. These lights used for adding more charm and drama to the space are called accent lights. They are primarily used in bedrooms to highlight spaces and eliminate shadows.  You can use them to turn even the boring objects into interesting accent pieces. Besides paintings, you can highlight other objects like a statue, fountain, or any other decor item.

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