Solid wood flooring has been the go-to choice for many homeowners for decades together. The rustic charm and the elegance that it brings with it is unbeatable. Even though it is the first choice for many homeowners, its price can act as a deterring factor. Wide plan engineered hardwood has started to become a popular choice. It looks exactly like solid hardwood but with a significant price difference. These planks have a top and a bottom layer of 100% wood. Whereas in the middle of the ply is plywood. The plywood has been crisscrossed and joined together, making it highly durable. Though it hasn’t been around for as long as solid wood flooring, it still gives the flooring a good competition. If you are still on the edge about whether you should opt for engineered hardwood or not, we will help you to find the answers. Following are some of the main reasons why you should consider this as a top contender for your flooring material.

Looks Similar to Solid Wood flooring

Each ply of the engineered hardwood has 100% in its top and bottom layers. Due to this very reason, it gives a very realistic wooden look. It becomes difficult to differentiate between solid hardwood and engineered.

Easier on the pocket

Getting the flooring done is not a cheap affair. If you have been dreaming about wooden flooring but worry that it is too expensive, you should consider engineered hardwood. It looks exactly like solid hardwood but is a lot cheaper than the. Such flooring costs almost half of the solid hardwood flooring. You can have the flooring finish of your choice without having to compromise on the quality. It is really an economical option.

Offers high resilience 

One quality that all flooring materials should have is high resilience. All the footfall of the house is on them. Hence, they need to be able to bear with the daily wear and tear. Keeping that in mind, the engineered hardwood planks have been designed in a manner to provide better stability. Their composition also makes them highly resistant to moisture and changes in temperature. The hardwood coating on the plywood helps to give the flooring more strength and stability.

Easier to install

The installation process of engineered hardwood flooring is quicker and cleaner. These planks are held in place with the help of a durable glue product. As the planks are more stable they can be easily nailed down, screwed down or floated over an underlay.

Can be easily scratched-resistant

The engineered wood can be easily made scratch-resistant by applying a scratch-resistant topcoat to it.

Compatible with underfloor heating systems

Underfloor radiant heating systems are a popular heating option. To ensure that the heating system is working efficiently you need a flooring material that is a good conductor of heat. The planks made of engineered hardwood are a great choice. They aren’t impacted by significant changes in the temperature and are a good conductor of heat.

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