The Newest Furniture Trend On The Block: Shabby Chic!

Regardless of whether you are looking for furniture for office, home or gifting needs, it is absolutely necessary to be aware of the trending ideas and styles. It goes without saying that furniture is one of the most critical components in any room, and it is essential to balance function and style. You may have come across brands that sell shabby furniture wholesale for business and home needs, and in this post, we are discussing further on what this shabby chic trend means in the first place.

What is shabby chic furniture?

Typically, shabby chic items are those that have been painted time and again over the years, but with time, the layers have peeled off here and there, and the refinishing is not done perfectly. In simpler words, shabby chic furniture has a few obvious signs of aging. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every product that sells in this category is vintage or antique. In fact, many brands are now producing shabby chic furniture as a special collection, where the paint is done in a certain way, and some of it is removed using a sanding paper to get the final distressed look.

Knowing more

The idea of shabby chic doesn’t always apply to furniture alone. You will find fabrics, upholstery and furnishings that have a similar look and feel. In some cases, the products have may have additional motifs and appliques. Fabrics and furnishings in particular often have nice, simple shades and colors, including pastels, and don’t be surprised to find a few stains here and there. The production (if new) or refinishing of fabrics and furniture is done in a way that the overall aged feel remains in attention. The colors used in shabby chic items are typically earthier and more neutral, and seldom you will find use of bold and loud colors. Today, there are brands that sell shabby chic has a special category in furniture and furnishings.

In conclusion

Interior experts have used shabby chic furniture even for offices and commercial spaces, simply because the items have a more welcoming appeal and fit in anywhere. Not all brands and products are the same, so always check online and find more details on what may work best for your business or home needs. Think of this as something unique than buying new furniture straight from the store. The idea is now a theme, so you can safely invest in it.

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